We believe flexibility is independence! Our network of direct and non-exclusive sub-distribution relationships around the world allow us to tailor our approach to strategically fit the specific needs of your release.


“The only truly global physical distribution network”
  • Major

    We have been a close partner with Sony Music Entertainment since 2001 and have direct, but non-exclusive, relationships with Sony in the key territories across Europe. Together with our partners and Sony, we mutually evaluate and decide, what the best strategy for the release/s at hand is, and thereby give the project the highest chances of success it deserves.

  • indie network

    With over 60 sub-distribution partners around the world, we can tap into the best suited distributors in every country. Depending on the release, we work with both generalist and specialist distributors who will best ensure the exposure and success of your music.

    Our sales teams in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria work with a network of over 3,500 direct retail partnerships and seamlessly cover the entire region. You can always feel confident that your product is being pitched and sold to everyone from niche retailers to the major chains and wholesalers.

  • Online Retail

    As the physical world of music shifts online, we has been proactive in building an online retail infrastructure that directly services the largest network of online retailers worldwide. We have accounts with over 200 online retailers ranging from all Amazon markets worldwide to, Rakuten in Japan, Linio in Latin America, Fnac in France, Spain, and Portugal, Fishpond in Australia and New Zealand, Takealot in South Africa, just to name a few of the biggest players.



“The Power of The Orchard, the agility of Membran”

In tandem with The Orchard, our all-in-one solution for distribution and label services includes an infrastructure of more than 25 offices worldwide with real client managers on the ground and ready to maximize the potential of your next release. Membran and The Orchard’s close relationship means that client and label managers from both teams work as a family to build and execute a holistic strategy for your release.

The Orchard supplies hundreds of outlets around the world through their wholly owned and operated digital distribution supply chain and asset management system. Sales and marketing teams use their expertise and relationships to separate your releases from the pack, with dedicated pitches, programs and creative promotions.

We will set up a direct login for you and your products into The Orchard’s proprietary and transparent Dashboard. This user-friendly interface allows you to get up to the moment analytics, statistics, and results from your digital releases, as well as giving you access to robust content management, marketing and financial tools so you retain full control of your business.